Favorite Taco Joints

Torchy's Tacos, yum!

Torchy's Tacos, yum!

I think my favorite food group is tortilla, so if you happen to put anything on top of the round flour of loveliness, I am even happier.  I can make a pretty mean breakfast taco with top-of-the-line warm right-out-of-the-oven tortillas from HEB, but there is something about tacos made by others, that makes my mouth water just thinking about them.   So, I have decided to compile my favorite Taco places, near and far, chain restaurants or food trucks, to let y’all perhaps have a better summer just wandering the streets of Austin trying out some of these tasty treats.

Maria’s Taco Express has my favorite breakfast tacos.  The migas tacos are loaded to the gills with all the fixings of eggs, jalapenos, tortilla chips, cheese and pico de gallo. Just one of them will fill you up, but I like to order two and take one to go so that the goodness all melds together for a scrumptious treat later in the day. I hear that Hippie Church there on Sunday mornings is the place to be.  You can munch on a taco and hear some good gospel music to boot!

Paplote is a small unassuming place on S. Lamar that I stopped in one morning to grab a breakfast taco for a friend of mine who lives nearby.  I was pleasantly surprised with the choices they had, and the prices were beyond reasonable.  I had a good old-fashioned bacon, egg and cheese along with a chorizo, egg and cheese and ate to my heart’s content.  I hear they have very good vegetarian taco choices, along with other varied Mexican street eats.

Torchy’s Tacos makes me so very happy that there is a Torchy’s nearby on William Cannon.  I used to trek down S. First to the trailer and am thankful they have graduated to multiple locations.  I think my favorite is the Green Chile Pork, but I also love Mr. Orange (salmon taco) and The Democrat.  It is hard not to order a side of green chile queso and chips to go along with the tacos because it is beyond delicious.

Tacodeli for lunch on Barton Springs Road is the best.  A good friend of mine who is an artist has painted all the table tops, along with the Tacodeli catering truck, so I feel the need to support the arts by eating several tacos at Tacodeli.  A few of favorites are the Cowboy Taco, which has dry rubbed beef tenderloin, grilled corn, caramelized onions, roasted peppers, guacamole and queso fresco.  Another crowd pleaser is the Happy Taco with chicken, mushrooms, jack cheese, cilantro and onion.  Makes my mouth water thinking about it!

Taco Cabana has been a favorite since my youth. When my sister was going to school at Trinity University in San Antonio, it was our go-to place for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  I especially like the bean and cheese tacos, and the tortillas at Taco Cabana are hard to beat.  Try the potato egg and cheese tacos for an on-the-go breakfast.

Taqueria Chapalas is a great neighborhood place near the YMCA and Oak Hill Elementary School.  I have planned many a meeting there for school-related events just so I could eat a few of their delicious tacos.  Breakfast tacos from Taqueria Chapalas are great, but I also love their carne guisada and barbacoa tacos.  Delicioso!

I hope all of these suggestions lead you out the door to go eat a taco.  I can’t wait to find more taco joints that make me happy to call Austin home.  In case you want to listen to a nutty taco song while driving to your taco destination, Shiny Ribs has a song about Travis Country’s beloved Donut Taco Palace, titled just that.  It is a great little ditty discussing all the virtues of donuts and tacos made under one roof.