Being a Realtor


With graduation season having passed, and my own children’s possible career choices beginning to stare at us in the near future, I have been reflecting on what my career in real estate means to me.  Several years ago, my bookkeeper and friend said, “Molly, you are way too successful to think of your career in real estate as a hobby, so own what you do, as you are really good at it.” I finally took this advice, and I still start out real estate conversations with potential buyers and sellers with my mantra of, “I am wife, mother, and realtor, in that order.”  But each of those three things, my own holy trinity, make up what I feel is an important contribution to me, my family, and my clients.  Sometimes the scales tip a bit more in any one of the three categories based on time of year and what needs my attention the most, but I work really hard at finding that balance. 

I started in real estate in 2008, which marks 10 years this year, the longest job or career route I have ever undertaken.  It took me three years to get my license because I couldn’t make up my mind if it would be something I would be good at or if I could do the job with the integrity and beliefs that would ring true to me.  When I recall the first house I helped friends buy and sell, I remember my broker and mentor John Blackburn said “Molly, I need for you to send me your invoice.” And my response was “OH! I forgot I get paid to do this … I just really enjoyed helping them out.”  He then said, “If you keep that mindset and continue to treat others the way you would like to be treated, you will have a strong presence in real estate.” 

I find the most joy in helping people out, in and out of the real estate world.  I still consider a referral the utmost compliment you could ever pay me.  It is a vote of confidence that you have either met me personally or have heard good things about me from a trusted friend.  

At a recent closing, I was with clients whom I helped sell their current house and buy another house, all in Travis Country.  The escrow agent, who was overseeing the closing of their current house, wondered out loud how I work my magic in helping people trade houses around in our neighborhood.  It is a gift to me to keep people in Travis Country, if that is what works best for their family, but I also do quite a bit of work helping people buy and sell houses all over Austin and the surrounding  areas.  Wherever it is that I am working for a client to find a house to call home, my focus is on all the elements that will allow them to feel the most at home when they find that particular house. I have lived in Austin for more than half of my life, and have friends and relatives all over town.  When my clients tell me what it is they are looking for and where they want to be, I start thinking of all the possibilities and what I can do to narrow down the search so that when we find the right place, it really feels like home.  I also like to say, I never want to find you the “right now” house but the “right” house to call home.

Being a realtor in Austin has been a very rewarding career for me.  I work really hard at what I do and truly appreciate working with the people who start out as clients and become friends along the way.  The thing I work hardest at doing as a realtor is doing my best at making the daunting process of buying or selling a house the easiest process possible for you.  I still see a bright future continuing along the path of real estate because I really like what I do.  Thank you for allowing me to be your trusted real estate advisor in this sweet TC neighborhood I call home.