Why Summer Shines

I was recently walking around the neighborhood with a neighbor friend, and as we were walking I realized we both had moved in to Travis Country sixteen years ago in June.  The funny thing is that the house my neighbor friend and her family live in is the house that lured us in to Travis Country, but they had an offer on that house first, so we were left with choosing another available house for sale, which is still our home today.  As we walked and reflected on our history in the neighborhood, I continued to fondly think about the people, places, and things that truly make me feel blessed to call Travis Country home.

My growing family and I moved to our neighborhood in the summer of 2011, and the first introduction to one of the many festive neighborhood events was when my neighbor across the street told me about the annual Fourth of July Parade.  We had only lived here a few weeks, and our daughter was ten months old, so I put her in our baby jogger and strolled over to see about the parade.  We fell in line and made our way behind the fire truck waving at neighbors along the way.  I especially loved, and still love, seeing the American Flags in all the front yards throughout the neighborhood.  I felt pride not only in my country, but in my new neighborhood as well.

Within those first few months of us being new to the neighborhood I sent out a message in the TC Notes neighborhood newsletter to start a playgroup so that I would have parents to commiserate with and our children could have friends close by. They say those are the salad days, and I have to agree.  Sipping frozen pink lemonade on the back porch swing while the kids ran around in the yard, usually running through the sprinklers, are vivid memories I cherish.  We would continue to have lots of play dates at the playgrounds over the years and that segued into our participation with the swim team, which we continue to do every summer for the month of June. The many different families we have met and friends we have made during our years on swim team are amazing. 

Reflecting on summer, swim team, and our time spent at the pool as a family encapsulates the very summer traditions that allow for our kids to be kids. They ride their bikes to the pool where they meet their friends to play Marco Polo or challenge each other to creative tricks off the diving board.  Often, they conspire (unbeknownst to us parents) to make grand plans and figure out who is having that week’s sleepover.  Or their entrepreneurial spirit kicks in and they lay plans for lemonade or a cupcake stand. 

There are still plenty of other activities to look forward to throughout the summer, and all the other seasons, but I hold the summer in my neighborhood closest to my heart, because it is the time of year we moved here and made it our home.  Life just slows down a bit during the summer and everyone, young and old, enjoys getting out and visiting with our friends and neighbors.