Clearing up Clutter

This year I am determined to focus on the tasks that deserve my time, attention and energy and hand off the ones that are simply draining me. The topic of organizing my home is at the top of my list of delegating because it is a task that continues to make me feel drained and frustrated. We all want an organized home or office, but can’t seem to find the time to do it. If you are like me and you do find some time to organize, you rush through the process because it feels like a chore. I tend to make quick fixes instead of creating systems for permanent solutions.  Those quick fixes then become a cycle of never-ending cluttered spaces.

Instead of continuing the never-ending cycle of mess, I chose to hire a professional for the job. I was pleasantly surprised to find professional organizing services affordable and so incredibly helpful. The key for me was in the systems, and that is where I truly think a professional with expert knowledge and advice is necessary.

I was wary at first, having the fear of “What if I can’t find my things? How will they know what’s important to me? What if they judge all the stuff I have?!” When I finally made the call, I was kicking myself for not doing it sooner. Here’s why: my needs, challenges, and expectations were discussed in detail, clearly defined and not judged.

The plan of action wasn’t to take away all of my things and toss it. It wasn’t to go to the Container Store and spend hundreds of dollars on new organizing tools.  Instead, it was to define what was meaningful to me. It was to find out what kind of space would be meaningful enough for me to be motivated to maintain the new organizing systems. After defining the space and my specific needs I had a clear understanding of what I wanted, and I felt safe enough to trust a professional in my space.

My results: an organized space that didn’t take up an entire weekend of my life. It was a space that was created to my exact specifications without the headache or backache of the labor. I now have new systems that I never would have taken the time or brain-power to come up with on my own. I have solutions that make sense and are easy to maintain. I am forever grateful to my professional organizer!

There’s no right way to organize your home whether you do it yourself or hire a professional. Whatever strategy you choose just has to work with your lifestyle, habits and tastes. Here are some helpful tips from the pros to get you motivated and started.

Eliminate clutter hot spots, such as the kitchen counters, entryway table, and dining room table. One tip to keep these spaces clear is to place a flower arrangement in the middle of the dining room table and set it with place mats, you’re sending the message that the space is no longer a dumping zone.

In a small space, go vertical. Bookcases offer up a ton of storage where there was once just a blank wall, and wide shelves are helpful for holding everything from clothes to bins and so much more.

If you’re in awe of meticulously marked kitchen pantries but don’t want to spend the time or money labeling, then try using clear organizers, which do the same job. Whether you’re storing pantry items, linens or desk supplies, see-through containers make it obvious where everything goes.