Good local sandwiches in Austin

Lucky's Puccia sandwich

Lucky's Puccia sandwich

I love a good sandwich, and recently had the good fortune of meeting friends for lunch at a new place on West 5th Street (near El Arroyo) called Lucky’s Puccias and Pizzeria. I tried one of the famous puccias, which is an authentic Italian Sandwich. Boy oh boy, was it mouth-watering good! The bread was made on the spot and fired in the wood fired pizza oven. The particular sandwich I had was named after the joint “Lucky’s Puccia” with prosciutto, mozzarella, tomato, arugula and chipotle aioli. The reason I chose this particular one was because the server told me it made Zagat’s list of Austin’s 9 best sandwiches. It was delizioso! The restaurant is a brick and mortar offshoot of their trailer, which is also on 5th street. (

My favorite go to sandwich shop is Toasties ( The Toasties on S. Lamar is right across the street from the Zach Scott Theater. I love meeting friends there, eating in their outdoor dining area. I really love the BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich, or the Banh Mi. It is a cool little place to go, and if you have the good fortune of going later in the day, they have Live Oak Beers on tap with a great happy hour. Or, you can grab one of the sandwiches from Toasties and make your way to the South Lamar bridge over Lake Ladybird and people watch while you dine.

Another place with great Banh Mi sandwiches is Elizabeth Street Café. They have several to choose from with interesting ingredients, but take a chance and try something out of the ordinary. You will not be disappointed. The mix and meld of flavors is off the charts. My favorite is the Fried egg, crispy pork belly with avocado and mint. The toppings include homemade mayonnaise, cucumber, daikon, carrot, sambal, cilantro and jalapeno, all served on a house-baked baguette. Again, it is an odd assortment of food, but worthy of the nibble.

It is hard to choose a food trailer to go to on a regular basis, because sometimes, you can’t remember which trailer you went to, along with it being a form of transportation that morphs into a restaurant. I think one of my next food trailer adventures will include “Hey!… You Gonna Eat or What?” at 1720 Barton Springs. ( There is a Monte Cristo sandwich there that everyone I know raves on the deliciousness of it. It is a deep fried sandwich with sprinkles of powdered sugar on the bread, served with a side of fig jelly and freshly cut handmade chips. I have heard rumors of a good Reuben sandwich there, too, so I might need to bring a friend and split the two sandwiches and try each one.

I am sure there are so many more quality sandwiches waiting to be eaten. I still love a good Thundercloud sandwich, Potbelly, or Short Bus Subs. The best part of a sandwich is that it is transportable, so taking it to a neat spot to sit and ponder while you wile away the time noshing on some good eats is a memorable feast. Good times!