Thanksgiving Traditions

Traditions are part folklore and part family.  Of all the traditions out there, holiday traditions are at the top of my list.  Family and friends coming together to prepare the meal, adorning the decorations,  the cooler temperatures of fall, and watching the big game are some of the many reasons to look forward to the festivities of Thanksgiving.

One of the things I love most about Thanksgiving is the large gathering of people that join us for the feast.  We have lots of family from near and far that come in, bringing their signature dishes to share, along with friends and neighbors that we love to include like they are an extension to our family.  It is a really nice feeling to have everyone under the same roof enjoying all the turkey and fixings while they visit and catch up with one another or get to know someone they have just met.

Before the big meal, you might try to kick off the day with a healthy spurt of energy and participate in the Turkey Trot.  I personally am not a runner, so I will be sitting at home glued to the TV watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, but I know lots of friends and relatives that head out in the morning for the annual run and have a great time.

Another thing that has become a tradition out of necessity in our family is grilling our turkey.  With a large holiday group, we have an oven full of dressing and casseroles.  Therefore, we have resorted to cooking our turkey on the grill with great results. Our turkey comes out tender and juicy every time! This is something to consider when you run out of room in the oven.

While all the preparation is underway and everyone is waiting for the big meal to be served, it is fun to watch college football and share the tradition of great rivalries between families.  It still doesn’t feel quite right that The University of Texas and Texas A&M don’t play against each other on Thanksgiving Day but there is still lots of football and rivalry to contend with. During half time it is another sporty tradition to go outside and throw the ball around.

After the Thanksgiving feast is served and everyone is fully stuffed, we like to go take a walk around the neighborhood, or a hike in the greenbelt to walk off some of the large amount of turkey and dressing that we just ate.  It makes for a good break in the day, which can easily be followed with a nap.

On the evening of Thanksgiving while everyone is still around, it is nice to then start on the Christmas holiday by watching a Christmas movie like Miracle on 34th Street or listening to Christmas carols and singing along.

It’s never too late to start a new holiday family tradition at your house. I would love for you to send me what your family traditions are, as I am always open to starting new traditions, too! Whatever you do this Thanksgiving season, fill it with memories that you, your familyand friends can love and cherish and with traditions you can pass down from generation to generation.